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George Washington

Call to Arms Poster Under General Washington
A recruiting poster asking men to join the troops under General George Washington.
General Washington's Farewell Orders to Armies 1783 (Excerpts)
Also includes Washington's 1780 Letter to the Committee of Congress.
General Washington's Plan of Operations
General George Washington's plans against the King's troops from December 16, 1776 to January 3, 1777.
George Washington--Portrait and Thoughts
Featuring Washington's portrait, signature, and famous quotes.
Oath of Allegiance 1778
George Washington signed the 1778 Oath of Allegiance at Valley Forge.
President Washington's Letter 1790--"To Bigotry No Sanction"
A letter written by George Washington in 1790.
Washington's Family Tree
Illustration of many generation of Washington's ascendants.
Washington's Farewell Address 1796
Excerpts from George Washington's original 1796 Farewell Address.
Washington's Inaugural Address 1789
Reproduction of original text complete and legible in Washington's handwriting.