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Miscellaneous Documents

A Fireman's Prayer
The famous prayer said by firemen and their families, A Fireman's Prayer.
Act to Reunite Upper and Lower Canada
Features some text of the act as well as condensed notes.
Andrew Jackson's Report of the Battle of New Orleans 1815
Reproduction is in Jackson's handwriting and features his signature.
Baptismal Entry in 1594
Features the original printing and a typed translation.
Baseball Poster 1879
Reproduction of an 1879 Fourth of July poster advertising a Massachusetts baseball game.
British Campaign for New Orleans
Features a detailed map of New Orleans, battle marks, and explanatory text.
Charter of the United Nations
This reproduction of the Charter of the United Nations includes the preamble, purposes and signatures.
Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court
Each of the 16 chief justices of the United States are featured.
Deed to Statue of Liberty 1884
Features the original deed in French, the English translation and a dedication plaque from France.
Franklin House Menu 1843
The 1848 New Year's Day menu from the Franklin House in New York.
Hawaiian Popular Song "Aloha Oe" 1878
Features the Queen's portrait, her signature, sheet music and the lyrics in her handwriting.
History of Famous American Flags
Features 16 images, names and explanations of various flags used throughout U.S. history.
Impeachment: History and the Constitution
Provides historical background of impeachment in the United States.
Irish Republic
This document, a reproduction of the Irish Proclamation of Independence, was signed on April 24, 1916.
Japanese Instrument of Surrender
On September 2, 1945 Japan signs surrender, ending WWII.
Laura Secord
This document features Laura Secord, the Canadian heroine of the War of 1812.
Laws of Etiquette in the 1890s
Illustrations of proper and improper etiquette in various scenarios.
Lewis and Clark's Expedition 1804-1806
Features a map, the photographs and signatures of both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, plus explanatory text.
Louisiana Purchase 1803
This document stipulates the purchase price of $11,250,000.
Magna Carta of King John 1215
Contains the complete text of the Magna Carta translated in English from the original Latin.
Magna Carta, Latin Version
Contains the complete text of the Magna Carta in the original Latin.
Marriage Broker 1889
Amusing reproduction of a full-page advertisement for the Yalchon Matrimonial Company.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
A large photograph of the Mount Rushmore Memorial accompanied by each president's signature and memorable quotation.
Nebraska Statehood
President Andrew Johnson proclaims Nebraska a State.
Original Rules of Golf 1744
The first known Rules of Golf.
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 1954
Reproduction features the altered pledge, explanatory text and the signature of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Presidents of the United States
Attractive display that features the photograph and signature of each U.S. president, from George Washington to Barack Obama.
Ratification of Alaska Purchase 1867
Features President Andrew Johnson's signature.
Reinheitsgebot is the famous German Beer Purity Law from 1516.
Star Spangled Banner 1814
Reproduction features the Star Spangled Banner lyrics in Key's handwriting, and his signature.
State Seals of U.S.
All 50 United States are represented.
Supreme Court of the U.S.--History and Traditions
An extensive history of the Supreme Court and a photograph of the Supreme Court Building.
Ten Commandments
The complete Ten Commandments, the basis of modern Judaism and Christianity.
The Great Steamboat Race on the Mississippi 1870
Features illustrations of both boats, lists their finishing times and provides explanatory notes.
The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer is beautifully written on antiqued parchment.
Titanic Menu
A reproduction of a first class dinner menu from the Titanic, April 14, 1912.
Titanic Stock Certificate
This reproduction of a 10-share Titanic Stock Certificate features a painting of the doomed ship.
U.S.S. Constitution
Features a beautiful artist's rending of the U.S.S. Constitution and a brief history of the ship.
Woman's Declaration of Independence 1848
Features the full text of the Declaration.


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