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Sets of Documents

Abraham Lincoln Writings Set
Lincoln's set of writings includes four of his most moving and memorable pieces.
Castillo de San Marcos Set
This collection of historical documents shows the planning, use, and other events surrounding this fascinating structure.
Civil War - Northern Set
Set includes a Battlefield Map, two different volunteer recruitment posters, and an 1865 reward poster for Lincoln's assassins.
Civil War - Southern Set
The set includes a Battlefield Map, The Union is Dissolved!, Men of Virginia to the Rescue!, and Butler's Proclamation of 1862.
Four Documents of Freedom Set
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
Four Page Constitution Set
The Constitution of the United States reproduced in the original 4-sheet format.
George Washington Writings Set
Selected writings from George Washington, including four historic documents and speeches by the first U.S. president.
Louisiana Purchase and New Orleans Set
This historic collection documents the Louisiana Purchase and other New Orleans history.
Mayflower & Plymouth Set
Three accurate, antiqued replicas of historical Mayflower records and documents.
Pirate Collection
The set includes Pirate's Creed of Ethics, Treasure Map, Weapons of the Pirates, and Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Ponce de Leon Set
Collection of five documents that illustrate the life and times of one of history's most recognized explorers.
Republic of Texas Set
Seven historical documents representing Texas history from 1835-1845.
Robert E. Lee Writings Set
Each document reproduced accurately in Lee's handwriting and featuring his signature.
Thomas Jefferson Writings Set
Includes six historic documents, and featuring a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.
Three Documents of Freedom Set
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.