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About Us:

In 1926, a Philadelphia druggist named Charles Promislo accidentally spilled a beaker of chemicals on his laboratory table and left a mess to clean up in the morning. By the next day, the spilled liquids had soaked through some papers. The papers had reacted in a strange way, for each sheet was aged, wrinkled and old. Mr. Promislo, a history buff, was intrigued by his discovery and founded Historical Documents Company. He devoted several years to perfecting his unique 11-step process.

The documents were first made available at the World's Fair of 1939 held in New York City. Charles Promislo kept adding to the items, satisfying his own interest in various periods of American History. His son and grandsons continued to add to the collection, including items of African-American History, currency and graphic books detailing some of the great battles of the Civil War.

Today, Historical Documents is still a family-owned operation. The company continues the family tradition of making history come alive by producing authentic replicas on parchment paper that look and feel old.

The goals of preserving America's history and helping educate people about our rich heritage remain the same. We hope you enjoy browsing our catalog of authentic parchment replicas.