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Louisiana Purchase and New Orleans Set
(Item #: 182)

Right after the turn of the 19th century, the United States brought Louisiana and New Orleans into the Union. This historic collection documents that era in American history. The set includes:

1803 Treaty between the United States and the French Republic:
Transferring Louisiana to the United States.

The Louisiana Purchase 1803:
Documents the purchase of Louisiana for 60 million francs (the final cost being more than twice that amount).

Letter of December 20, 1803, by the First Governor of Louisiana, William Claiborne:
Describes the joy and gratitude expressed by the people of New Orleans.

Report of January 9th, 1815, of the Battle of New Orleans by Andrew Jackson:
Bears Jackson's signature.  The Treaty of Ghent ending the war between England and the United States had been signed, but the news had not reached either army.

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