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Civil War

Appomattox Parole Ticket
Replica of an actual parole ticket from the Appomattox jail where Lee and his men were held.
Brooklyn Recruiting Poster 1864--"Our Country Calls--Rally to Its Support!"
Reproduction of a Union Civil War recruitment poster from 1864.
Butler's Proclamation
This broadside includes the text of Butler's Proclamation and an appeal to Southern men to avenge the outrageous insult to the women of New Orleans.
Civil War Battlefield Map 1861-1865
Map marking 78 separate Civil War battlefield locations with chronological information.
Freemen of Tennessee--to Arms! 1861
Reproduction of a Tennessee recruitment broadside. "Freemen of Tennessee--to Arms!" posted on May 17, 1861.
Gettysburg Battlefield Map July 1,2,3 1863
A grand pictorial of three of the bloodiest days in Civil War history.
Lincoln Reward Poster 1865
Reproduction of an 1865 reward poster for Abraham Lincoln's assassin.
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 1863
An exact replica of Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address, in the former president's handwriting.
Men of Virginia, to the Rescue! 1861
Reproduction of a Virginia recruitment broadside. "Men of Virginia to the Rescue!" posted on May 30, 1861.
Merrimac and Monitor 1862
Pictorial provides an in-depth history of the famous battle and of both ironsides ships.
Mulligan's Brigade! Last Chance to Avoid the Draft 1863
Reproduction of a Union Civil War recruitment broadside from 1863.
New York City Recruiting Poster 1864--"30,000 Volunteers Wanted"
An 1864 George Law rendering of a Union recruiting post in New York City.
Sam Davis' Letter to Mother and Father
Certain of his own death the following day, Confederate hero Sam Davis wrote his final farewells on November 26, 1893.
Sharpshooters! Last Chance to Get the $165 Bounty! 1862
Reproduction of a Pennsylvania Civil War recruitment broadside from 1862.
The Union is Dissolved! Charleston Broadside 1860
Reproduction of a Confederate broadside, "The Union is Dissolved!" published on December 20, 1860.
The Missouri Compromise
The Missouri Compromise of 1820 entered Missouri into the Union as a slave state and Maine as a non-slave state.
To Horse! To Horse--My All for a Horse! 1862
Reproduction of a Pennsylvania Civil War recruitment broadside from 1862.
Ulysses Grant's Letter to Robert E. Lee 1865
An accurate replica in Grant's handwriting and featuring his signature.
Weapons of the Civil War
Pictorial that displays the weaponry used by both sides throughout the Civil War.