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Western Wanted and Reward Posters

Dalton Brothers 1892
A wanted poster for the Dalton Brothers featuring their pictures.
Gentleman Killer John Wesley Hardin 1874
A wanted poster for John Wesley Hardin featuring his picture.
Jesse James
A wanted poster for Jesse James featuring a picture of the young killer.
Lincoln Reward Poster 1865
Reproduction of an 1865 reward poster for Abraham Lincoln's assassin.
Pinkerton's Reward 1882
An 1882 wanted poster for Oliver Curtis Perry for train robbery.
Vigilantes' Oath of Montana 1863
Created to establish rules of justice in a land where murder and pillaging ruled.
Vigilantes Poster 1889
Reproduction of an 1889 vigilante poster with a stern warning to criminals to stay out.
Wanted Poster for Billy the Kid
A wanted poster for Billy the Kid featuring a picture of a rebellious looking Kid.
Wanted Poster for Black Bart 1877
A wanted poster for Black Bart featuring his picture.
Wanted Poster for Butch Cassidy
A wanted poster for Butch Cassidy, featuring his picture.
Wanted Poster for Sam and Belle Starr
A wanted poster for Sam and Belle Starr.
Wanted Poster for the James Brothers
A wanted poster for the James Brothers featuring a picture of each brother.
Wanted Poster for The Sundance Kid
A wanted poster for The Sundance Kid, featuring his picture.
Warning to Thieves, Las Vegas 1882
A grim tongue-in-cheek poster from Las Vegas on March 24, 1882.
Wells Fargo Reward
This reproduction of a Wells, Fargo & Co. reward poster offers money to help capture robbers.