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A New Map of North America
This reproduction of Herman Moll's New Map of North America is from 1736.
Battle of Tehopiska (Horseshoe Bend) 1814
A reproduction of Jackson's own words describing the battle as well as a detailed, hand-drawn map of Horseshoe Bend.
Captain John Smith's Map of Virginia 1612
Considered one of the most important printed maps of early America.
Civil War Battlefield Map 1861-1865
Map marking 78 separate Civil War battlefield locations with chronological information.
Gettysburg Battlefield Map July 1,2,3 1863
A grand pictorial of three of the bloodiest days in Civil War history.
Map of Florida 1539
A Dutch copy based on a Spanish map.
Map of Fort William Henry 1757
This reproduction of A Map of Fort William Henry features a complete description of the fort's layout, and the approach and attack of the French troops.
Map of the World 1651
A Map of the World as known by scientists and explorers in 1651.
Old Maps of California 1656 and 1731
Features two very different versions of a map of California as well explanatory text.
Olde Philadelphia: Cradle of Religious Freedom
Within a small area of Olde Philadelphia there were over 20 churches, each depicted with accompanying historical text.
Plan of Fort William Henry
This reproduction of A Plan for Fort William Henry features a complete description of the fort's layout.
Revolutionary War Battlefield Map 1775-1781
This map marks and explains 61 separate Revolutionary War battles, in chronological order.
The Days of Columbus
Reproduction of the actual handwritten letter from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela of Spain.
Treasure Map
Reveals 67 separate sunken and buried treasures known from history, research and pirate lore.
Valley Forge Park Map
Map of Valley Forge Park during the Revolutionary War.
Voyages of Discovery
From Columbus to Drake--seven explorers total.